Younger. Brighter. Healthier – Your Refresh Me! Smile

Your smile is one of the very first things people notice about you. And people read a lot into that smile.

In fact, studies show that a bright and healthy smile can make you seem friendlier, smarter, and even more trustworthy! One thing we know for sure is this: a healthy smile not only functions better and feels more comfortable, it helps you feel more confident too. And that is definitely something everyone wants.

Our smile-inducing dental services include:

Putting Your Health First

At Refresh Me! we do our best to help you come here for regular checkups only! It’s true! We want you to have a healthy, beautiful smile that only needs thorough checkups and cleanings twice a year.

But we also love helping people look their best and offer cosmetic and restorative services for the ultimate in a healthy, attractive smile.

Of course, we start with the basics of a thorough exam and then discuss any treatment recommendations and plans with you afterwards. Your smile and health are our first and only concern!

Comfort and Convenience

Wouldn’t you love to leave every dental appointment feeling refreshed and revitalized? At Refresh Me!, comfortable, pampering dentistry is our promise. And with our combination of salon and smile services, you can be sure that you’ll look younger, healthier, and more polished as well!